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Cláudia Andréa Prata Ferreira é Professora Doutora - Categoria: Associado IV - do Setor de Língua e Literatura Hebraicas do Departamento de Letras Orientais e Eslavas da Faculdade de Letras da UFRJ.



segunda-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2008

Allegorical Images in Greek Laudatory Inscriptions in Eretz-Israel

Allegorical Images in Greek Laudatory Inscriptions in Eretz-Israel

(OVADIAH, Asher)

Revista: Gerión - Vol. 16 , 1998

The present article follows after a number of Greek inscriptions of poetic character, in which there are allegorical images and expressions of praise to the mosaic art, the bath-house and its hot, warm and cold waters, and the church in the wider sense of the word, namely the Christianity.

These poetic inscriptions, found in Israel and Northern Sinai, were variously composed in the early Byzantine period by an Empress, a clergyman and an anonymous poet. Their language is the Classical Greek, which at that time was probably commanded by educated people and men of letters. This indicates the continuity of the Classical heritage during the early Byzantine period in the Land of Israel and the neighbouring countries.

The allegorical images in the inscriptions under discussion indicate on the one hand poetic-artistic tendencies with a Neoplatonic flavour, and on the other hand - elements of religious anti-pagan polemic. >>> Leia mais, clique aqui.

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